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12/16(水) Lord Finesse - Rare Selections EP: Volume 3 (12") 入荷!!!

  • 2008-12-16

★disk union special exclusive!!★lord-finesse-rare-selections-ep-volume-3.jpg

■Lord Finesse - Rare Selections EP: Volume 3 (12" EP) 12,380円

親日家であるLORD FINESSEより日本のファンに向けてのスペシャルEPが届きました!!
そしてDisk Unionでしか購入できないSpecial Exclusiveアナログ!! これはヤバイ!!!!!!!!!!!!


●Lord Finesse – “Keep The Crowd Listening” (DJ Premier Remix)
· This DJ Premier remix was originally done for “The Funky Technician Remix Project, but due to popular demand because it was leaked early out on the internet (not on vinyl or bootleg), we figured we would make it officially available on vinyl only on this Collector’s Edition…..

Lord Finesse – “Stop Sweating The Next Man” (Unreleased Remix)
· This remix was done for the 3rd commercial single from the Giant / Warner Brothers release “Return Of The Funkyman”. This was supposed to be the next single after the “Party Over Here” / “Yes You May Remix” 12″. A 3rd single was ever released from that LP, so this has stayed unreleased until now.

●Lord Finesse – “Vinyl Athletes” featuring A.G. & MURO (Unreleased Original Version)
· Due to sample clearance problems this version never saw the light of day. This was the original version and the other version that was released, is actually a 2nd version produced instead due the above sample clearance problems. Originally this appeared on my “Rare & Unreleased” Pt. 1 CD, but due to a lot of people asking, here it is on vinyl finally.

●Lord Finesse - “MURO Freestyle”

· This was a freestyle done for the MURO / Lord Finesse “King Of Diggin” mixtape that we now made available for vinyl collectors.

●Big L - “I Can’t Understand It” (Demo Version)
· This is another one of his rare demos that were done previous to him signing to Sony Records. This demo was produced by Show.

●Lord Finesse - “Isn’t He Something” (Unreleased Remix)

· This was a jazzy remix that was done by Show during the making of “Return Of The Funkyman”, but at the end of the day this remix was never used and archived until now.

●Brains - “From Me 2 U”
· This is an unreleased song for an artist called Brains that was produced by me. It was archived until now.

●40 oz. - “Just One Of Those Days” (Original Version)
· This version of “Just One Of Those Days” is the original version that was produced by me. Due to the fact that Mic Geronimo commercially used the Deniece Williams “Free” sample first, the song was eventually remixed. Both versions were eventually archived until this year.

●Lord Finesse - “Outro”
· This outro was originally done for “The Awakening” LP. But was later used in a verse for the song “Soul Plan” featuring Roy Ayers.

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